How to Register

How to register for the e Connect Portal
  • The information in the following items 1 through 5 is for the partners we have informed. To register your company for our Portal, please contact the following desks.
  • All the documents below are self-extracting files. Please double-click and extract the downloaded files. You must enter the password, which we have given, when extracting.
  • You first have to register your company information in order to register to use the e Connect Portal service. Please make sure you have submitted the questionnaire before registering. We will contact you as soon as we prepare.

1. Inquiries about registration
Please ask the following desk about portal business and new registration.
  Supporting hours: MON - FRI 10:00 - 12:30 , 13:30 - 17:00 JST (our business day)


Please ask the following desk about registration.
  Covisint Customer Service



2. Introduction
  Title Contents File name Update Size
Read Me Contents of each manual readme.exe 31-Oct-05 90KB
Introduction to e Connect Portal Overview of the Portal intro.exe 29-Sep-10 612KB
Migration Manual for a Partner The simple flow to register the Portal migrate.exe 29-Sep-10 268KB



3. Quick reference guide
  Title Contents File name Update Size
(1) New registration The procedure for new organization/user registration in Covisint QrgUserNew.exe 31-Oct-05 87KB
(2) Access request and approval (for Security Administrator) The procedure for using the MMC Portal for the administrator after registering the organization QrgAdmin.exe 31-Oct-05 86KB
(3) Access request (for the existing user) The procedure for using the MMC Portal for a user after registering the user. QrgExisting.exe 31-Oct-05 84KB
(4) Request for Access to an Application (for the existing user) The procedure for using the applications for the user after registering the Portal service. QrgAppExisting.exe 31-Oct-05 83KB
Compiled quick references Quick reference guide compiled the above (1) to (4) QrgAll.exe 31-Oct-05 100KB



4. Manual
  Title Contents File name Update Size
Guide for the Security Administrator The detailed procedure for the Security Administrator ManAdmin.exe 29-Sep-10 1.8MB
Guide for a user The detailed procedure for a general user ManUser.exe 29-Sep-10 5.53MB
Check of the state of organization/user The procedure for checking the state of registration after completing registration and for troubleshooting ManCheck.exe 29-Sep-10 836KB
Compiled manuals The manual compiled the above three manuals ManAll.exe 29-Sep-10 6.71MB



5. Questionnaire
  Please retern to the following.
  Fax: +81-564-32-5481 [To the Portal Support Desk]
  e-mail: [To the Portal Support Desk]
  Title Contents File name Update Size
e Connect Portal Questionnaire sheet A questionnaire, in which we first register the partner information QSheet.exe 1-Sep-04 72.8KB



6. Materials about Portal
  Title Contents File name Update Size
Mitsubishi-Motors Supplier Portal (Screen and security) The portal screen layout and attention to security OvScreen-e.exe 29-Sep-10 1.07MB
Mitsubishi-Motors Supplier Portal (Administration) Administrative system of organizations and users in the portal OvAdmin-e.exe 29-Sep-10 404KB